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The Fiscal Frontiers Express has left the station!

Welcome aboard the Fiscal Frontiers Express! We’re happy to give you a tour of the place. This blog post will be focused on what we do. For a better understanding of why this blog exists, see our previous post: The New (Fiscal) Frontier(s)!

What Fiscal Frontiers does is pretty simple: we research all of the new and exciting ways there are to allegedly make money on the internet, either as an investment or a business, and then we test them out. For investments, we’ll be dropping real money into them, tentatively planned to be at least $1,000 (investment depending). For businesses, we’ll be committing a material chunk of time to give it a legitimate chance.

So, what kind of things will we be testing out on this site? I’m glad you asked!


We will invest real money (again, hopefully at least $1,000) into the platforms/products we find and track their performance, posting the actual, real results on here, monthly. The initial categories we are interested in exploring are:

  1. Peer-to-Peer Lending: the practice of lending money online directly to individuals and businesses through an online portal.

  2. Equity Crowdfunding: buying shares of small businesses in the hopes of earning dividends or selling them one day.

  3. Debt Crowdfunding: buying bonds and other debt from small businesses in the hopes of earning income.

  4. Robo Advisors: entrusting your money to an algorithm to invest in low-cost index funds based on your goals.

These will likely be the initial categories we’ll use, but, one day, we hope to expand to things like buying trees in tree plantations, crowdmining cryptocurrency, and, should we ever become “accredited investors”, even more exotic things like gambling algorithms and farmland.

We will also be keeping track of some of the more traditional investment tools, so we can compare the returns we get from our investments against a control group. The control group will include hedge funds, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds. And if you don’t know what those are, then look forward to a future blog post to explain the differences between them for those newer to the investing world.


On the business side, this will be a little trickier because businesses take a lot more time than investments. That said, our goal will be to find some of the more common suggestions online for making money and try them out for a substantial period of time (depending on the opportunity), reporting to you on our successes and (most likely) failures.

Quick aside: Calling this category “business” may be a bit of a misnomer, since we don’t think answering surveys could ever be stretched to be considered a business, but we hope you catch our drift.

The things we’ll try first are:

  1. Surveys: signing up for as many survey sites as we can and answering as many as we can. Our end goal is to at least have enough for a cup of coffee after a couple months.

  2. Travel blogging: we at Fiscal Frontiers like to travel and one of the pieces of advice on the net is to blog about your hobbies. And travel blogging is actually a pretty big thing now, so we’ll try our hand at that to see how difficult it is to get any kind of following or make any kind of money.

  3. Affiliate marketing: you know those annoying ads all over the internet telling you to try the newest, latest and greatest fads? Apparently those are put out by real people earning commission, and apparently anyone with an internet connection can do it. And we’re people with an internet connection, so we’ll give it a whirl!

As a comparative for this one, we will do our best to keep track of our time, so we can compare our online earnings to a minimum wage job in whatever country you live in.

Join us next week as we start to lay the foundation for this blog by talking about the history of investing, before getting into the actual platforms and investments over the coming weeks and months.



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