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Updated: Oct 25, 2018


Welcome young and old, rich and not yet rich! You’ve arrived at Fiscal Frontiers, a blog focused on making money on the internet. We've decided to focus on two broad categories: investing and business.


Making money from money is a concept as old as money itself, with records of interest in some form or another going back at least 7,000 years. Humans have come up with many nifty ways to make money passively, and investing has slowly moved away from ultra-wealthy, aristocratic landowners to everyone with a few extra bucks to put in a saving account.

The birth of the internet brought investing even more into the mainstream, with discount brokerages that let investors do it themselves if they wanted to put the time in to learn the craft (or not, the internet doesn’t judge). Well, with a few decades of evolution, the internet has now begun spawning whole new takes on traditional investments and, in some cases, whole new investments!

Things like peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding private corporations, robo advisors that trade for you, buying trees in Brazil, or paying someone to mine cryptocurrency on your behalf have been born. And the means of putting your money to work over the internet should only expand in the future!


Much as above with investing, business is an ancient concept, dating back to the first people who started producing more than they needed for the sake of acquiring other things they needed/wanted. And, just as with investing, the internet has created whole new ways of doing business, from selling products without physical stores to exchanging services for data.

But the internet isn’t just the playground of the trillion dollar tech sector, it’s also the place where we are spending an increasing amount of our time. And with the increasing amount of focus on the internet, come potential opportunities for making money! A quick Google search reveals countless ways to allegedly make money online: got spare time and an opinion? Do surveys! Have a hobby? Start a blog! Have a fridge? Sell your data! Want to lose weight? Bet on yourself with strangers! Wait, what? Yes, it’s a real thing...


This site was created to fill an information void created by the fact that there are too many shady scammers out there trying to grab your money and the fact that people don’t like to share their financial information, especially when they get burned. We’ve spent a lot of time searching up the things this blog will cover, but you’re lucky if you find one Reddit thread about an opportunity where one person says they’ve done great and another where a person says they hate it. In either case, you don’t get any numbers or any real explanation of their divergent experiences.

So this blog is going to be putting our time and money into these investments and businesses and reporting here, openly and honestly, about the experience. We hope that most of the ventures work out, so it’s a net-positive in the end, but really we’re just hoping we don’t lose our shirts.

Join us on this wild ride and share any experiences you have on the various things we cover in the comment sections!

Our next post will explore the general workings of the blog.



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