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(disclaimer at the end)

We are in the process of trying to identify new crypto-vestments that we can make. Some front runners right now are more proof-of-stake coins, like NEO, Dash and Tron. We are also exploring the “savings” account type offer that Nexo offers for storing Stablecoins in your Nexo wallet. We hope to pick a few different projects and update on them next month. But for now, let’s focus on what we do have!

After January 2019 saw crypto prices continue the downward trend from 2018 for many coins, February saw a crypto-sphere rebound, at least for the two coins that we own outright at this point: Ark and Nexo. The chart below tracks the price of a $1,000 investment made in these two coins on January 1, 2019:

As the chart shows, Nexo has pretty much returned to where it started the year, while Ark has enjoyed a nearly 50% bump in value. We’ll talk about each of these, as well as our Swarm account, under separate headings below.


We have invested in a crypto-currency called Ark and can commit our Ark with a miner to generate more Ark. We have our funds staked with the Biz_Classic miner and our initial 1106.90617458 Ark on January 1st turned into 1115.03786279 as of February 28th, like this:

Our Ark investment is currently tracking to return just shy of 4.5%, though that is without compounding.


We do not have a big update on Nexo this month. The big appeal, for those who don't yet know, is that Nexo pays a dividend to its holders, but there was no news on when the next payment might be expected. Last month, we discussed the dividend that was paid at the end of 2018. We'll continue to wait for word on the next dividend!


In our last post, we also talked about our investment on the Swarm platform and how we are very excited for what this platform could turn into: a place where you can buy stakes in non-traditional assets, or in traditional assets in non-traditional ways. We outlined 5 different security tokens that we had pledged funds towards:

  1. TAT - The Art Token, a token backed by a store of fully-insured contemporary artwork stored in a secured warehouse.

  2. RHET - Robinhood Equity Token, a token that derives its value from investing in shares of Robinhood Inc.

  3. FARM - FarmCoin, which aims to provide infrastructure and resources to 700 million unbanked farmers in Africa, offering short-term loans and a crypto-currency to use as a unit of exchange for the small family farms across the continent.

  4. SPRK - SparkLabs Smart City & Smart Planet Fund, which is an investment fund that will invest to spur innovation in critical sectors that impact our future and make the earth sustainable for future generations.

  5. VSJ - Viejo San Juan Comunidad RE Fund, which is developing commercial real estate by re-purposing buildings to match the needs of local businesses to further Old San Juan, Puerto Rico as a vibrant business center.

While the TAT coin has entered a final round of funding, it appears it will ultimately launch (regardless of that final round, having already reached its lowest threshold needed for a launch). At the end of February, RHET, VSJ and SPRK were still seeking contributions. Unfortunately, by the end of February, the FARM token appears to have failed in their attempts to launch a security token. This campaign has come to a close and our funds have been returned to us.

SPRK, VSJ and TAT are all still live on Swarm’s website, so we encourage you to go and check them out if you are interested in supporting the fledgling security token space that Swarm is trying to help grow.


Next week we hope to give an update on our crowd-investing and highlight a few crowd-investments that have caught our eye that we are considering investing in. Until then, Happy Spring!

We at Fiscal Frontiers are not investment advisers and our only goal is to report to you on the performance of investments we have made so that you can consider our experience along with all the other information available to make an informed decision on what is best for you. Crypto markets are largely unregulated and all of a particular investment could be lost.



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